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South East Mediation Welcomes You

Resolve disputes, avoid litigation.

About South East Mediation

The benefits of private mediation as a preferred option to costly, protracted and uncertain public Court litigation are becoming increasingly well-known. According to the Supreme Court of Victoria: 

'The Supreme Court of Victoria is committed to resolving disputes in the most efficient manner possible, including the use of non-adjudicative processes.  The use of private mediation practitioners has been and remains critical to the administration of justice in Victoria.  The Court will continue to encourage, and where appropriate direct, parties to engage in private mediation in the majority of civil proceedings coming before the Supreme Court.'

- per Supreme Court of Victoria, Judicial Mediation Guidelines, SC Gen 6, Clause 4 

South East Mediation is a new, private mediation practice and Online ADR service dedicated to serving people and business across Victoria with a focus upon Melbourne's growing South East region.

South East Mediation accepts instructions to mediate in all commercial and civil (non-family law) disputes. Efficient, effective and experienced, we are ready to guide disputing parties through their conflict and to a successful, agreed and lasting resolution wherever possible.  Please note we are not a law firm and do not provide any legal advice or representation.

Our NMAS Accredited mediation services are provided at an agreed fixed price and can be delivered at an agreed venue or online. Disputing parties can choose to mediate with or without their own legal representation.

Please read on or get in touch to discuss your specific dispute resolution or Online ADR needs. 

Welcome to South East Mediation - helping people and business resolve disputes and avoid litigation.

- Sam Bektas B.Ec., LL.B, LL.M., NMAS (Founder, Manager)

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